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Wash & Fold is just like going to the laundromat, except we do all the work for you.  That means no lugging your clothes in and out of the car.  No dragging soap and supplies.  No sorting.  No washing.  No drying.  No folding.  No packing clothes to lug back to the car.  

In hindsight, it's nothing like going to the laundromat.  In fact, it's much, much simpler.  Our goal is that you have just 2 responsibilities in getting your laundry done.  First, make sure your clothes are gathered and out for us to pick up on your scheduled days.  And, second, put the clothes away when they are returned (Optional).  Leave all the other details to us.  

It's Just Like Going To The Laundromat...No, No It's Not!

"I LOVE those 10 seconds when all of the laundry is done!"

"I would throw in the towel on laundry, but that would only make more laundry."

"It's not that I hate doing laundry....Oh wait, yes it is, it really, really is!"

"Washing clothes is a must.  And, well, drying is completely understandable.  But, this idea of folding and putting everything away is going a bit too far."

"The more laundry I do the concept of, 'nudist' becomes less and less crazy."

"One lesson of adulthood is that laundry is never done"

"I'm extremely cautious around dry cleaners...people that do other people's laundry for a living have no boundary on the sadistic torture they can endure."

"I don't know how, but I think my laundry is reproducing on its own."

"Laundry days are horrific meaningless days that suck the life out of you."

"If I were richer my laundry machine would be the fireplace."

"Based on the amount of Laundry I do, I assume there are people living with me I have not met yet!"

"Our boys all have the same laundry system.  If it is clean it is on the floor.  If it is dirty it is on the floor over there."

I Can't Wait to Spend My Nights and Weekends Doing Laundry...Said No One Ever

Give us your dirty laundry, we'll wash it, fold it, and package it  for you.  What could be easier?  All clothes are separated into white and colored loads and washed separately.  We operate new, high-efficiency machines and our expert staff will ensure your clothes come back nice and clean, smelling fresh and neatly folded. 


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