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Cuffs and Collars

We pay attention to the littlest details so your clothes stay looking new longer.


Drop Off:   Inspections with and special instructions from the customer. "Is there anything we need to know about?"

Madison's Most Trusted Dry Cleaner


Since 1996, our family has built a reputation as Madison's most trusted Dry Cleaner.  We understand you want to wear what you want, when you want it. That's why we guaranty your dry cleaning will be completed on time and ready to wear, every time.  We strive to give our customers the same personal attention we give your clothes, so count on a smile and a pleasant service experience each and every time.


To us, being a family owned business is important.  It supports and strengthens our own family values, but it also requires us to live up to those same values.  We know there are other options out there, and we strive to keep people returning strictly on the quality of our work and service, the value we provide and the relationships we foster.



Experience is the backbone of our superior quality & service.  When your clothes are at Best Cleaners you can rest assured that our knowledge and expertise are what we're using to get your garments cleaned, pressed and ready to wear...NOT just potent chemicals.  The cleaning process we use helps keep colors bright, whites brilliant and it's gentle on delicate items.   We're certain we haven't seen it all.  It's scary to think of what remains unseen.  But we're equally certain we know how to get your clothes looking their best. 

Prior Proper Planning Process Prevents Poor Performance


In 1996, our company started with the idea that dry cleaning customers want to be able to go to their closet, pick out an item of clothing, and feel certain it is ready to wear.  As a result, we started our seven-step inspection process to ensure the garments we cleaned were spot free, pressed to perfection and without flaws.  We have a plan we follow with every garment, that way our performance is consistent and top quality.


Check In:   Each item is inspected for stains, wear, and minor repairs.  Then they are tagged to identify it's owner.



Assembly: Individual items are assembled into orders and bagged for return to our customers.  Each item is verified for the correct owner and then re-verified for bagging.

Military Grade Creases

Our standard or excellence is consistent with the toughest of inspections

In 2000, that dedication to our customers lead us to inquire about the new GreenEarth technology.  The idea that we could reduce our carbon footprint, provide a safer product, and workplace, and still provide top quality dry cleaning, was exciting to us.Type your paragraph here.

Green Cleaned

No hazardous waste  produced at our facilities...can every dry cleaner make that claim?

Pressed to Perfection

A well pressed shirt says you're intelligent...and there's nothing sexier than intelligence.

In 2003, among major EPA concerns with the continued use of Perc in dry cleaning, we invited the DNR to perform an Air Quality Inspection of our facilities.  Based on the licensed laboratory results, we were granted an "Exempt" status.  Meaning our production of hazardous waste had been reduced to ZERO!

In 2005, we received the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for "Pollution Prevention"

In 2006, we opened our second location in Middleton Hills.   As a result of a growing demand in surrounding communities, we started our FREE pickup and delivery services, which services most of Dane County and parts of Rock County

In 2009, we started using degradable poly bags to protect finished garments.  Degradable poly bags look and feel like traditional plastic garment bags but offer the benefit of breaking down naturally in the environment.  While traditional plastic bags require almost 400 years before it can break down in landfills, our degradable poly bags, are made with an EPI, oxo-biodegradable additive and will totally degrade in about 2 years, without need of a landfill

Pre-Press:Every item is inspected as it comes out of the cleaning machine to ensure stains have been removed.  Select items are retreated and re-cleaned.  Garments are repaired and sent for pressing.

Buttons Replaced

There's nothing worse than sewing before work.  We've got you covered with free button replacement

Hems and Cuffs Repaired

Minor repairs fixed at no charge.  Keeps small issues from becoming big issues

guaranteed quality Dry Cleaning AND LAUNDRY Services


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In 1996, our company started on the idea that dry cleaning  customers want to be able to go to there closet, pick out an item of clothing, and feel certain it is ready to wear.  As a result, we started our seven step inspection process to ensure the garments we cleaned were spot free, pressed to perfection and without flaws.  

Sorting:Clothes are inspected/sorted  light to dark, delicate to permanent press, starch or no starch, and laundered items into hot or cold.  Stains are pre-treated and  delicate items are netted for protection.


Final Inspection: Cleaned and pressed garments go through a final detailed inspection while on the hanger.  A final check for stains , unwanted creases, minor repairs and missing buttons is done.

Pressing:Each garment is individually inspected during pressing and buttons are rechecked.

 In 2002, we became the first dry cleaner in the State of Wisconsin to totally commit to an environmentally friendly dry cleaning operation.  By eliminating Perc from our operation we removed the EPA and OSHA concerns associated with dry cleaning without sacrificing the cleaning power we, and our customers, were accustomed.